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My Lightroom Course! 

In this course, you get 48 editing videos!

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Price to Profit

This is your Pricing Guide.

This Mini-Course will guide you through setting your prices the right way.

Pricing does not start with throwing some numbers together; it actually starts with finding your ideal clients, the clients you want to serve. That's why I have included a little bit of marketing in this course as well. 

I have also included a PDF with pricing that you can use and copy. 

A CODB Spreadsheet and a whole lesson on calculating it. 

I even included a Pricing Template you can use. 

What you'll get:

  • [ 4 modules ]
  • [14 Lessons about finding your clients, setting your pricing, finding a pricing structure, selling products and digital collections ]
  • [ Pricing Template, CODB Spreadsheet, Email Template ]

Here is a full breakdown of the lessons :

Module 1

1.Some words of encouragement

2.Why you should never charge 100

3.Your ideal Client

4.Your Competitive Advantage


2. Getting into Pricing


1. Your CODB

2.. Digital Collections

3. Hi-End Collections 

4. Mini Sessions

5. Pricing yourself in a rural area and how to target bigger markets 


3. Selling Product/ Intro to IPS

1.What products to sell

2.Tips for a successful reveal session



CODB Spreadsheet

Raising Prices email template 

Price list template photoshop 



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