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The Journey to Self-love. Jasmin Jade

boudoir portraits Oct 02, 2023
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Embracing her authentic self, she found a profound love within, a love untainted by societal standards or external judgments. This newfound self-acceptance was so transformative that she marked its significance with a tattoo, a lasting symbol of her journey to self-love.


 Authentic Beauty: Empowering Women Beyond Societal Standards"

In the heart of NYC, a hub known for setting global fashion trends, emerges a model named Carlene, a beacon of raw beauty and authenticity. While our worlds converged briefly during her fleeting visit, her story's powerful resonance compels a deeper look into the true essence of beauty, particularly for women who defy traditional molds.  Initially confronted by society's narrow beauty standards, Carlene’s journey with vitiligo evolved into a tale of self-acceptance. She found love for herself and embraced herself wholeheartedly. 

In celebration of her transformative path towards self-acceptance, Carlene chose to get a symbolic tattoo. This tattoo isn't just an accessory; it's a testament to her journey to self love. 

The True Essence of Beauty: Authenticity Over Standards

Beauty isn't confined to rigid molds or glossy magazine covers. It’s as diverse as humanity itself. Authenticity stands at the heart of true beauty – it's the stories, experiences, and unique marks that set us apart. 

Photography as a Tool for Empowerment

As photographers, we wield the power to shape narratives. We have the choice to celebrate authentic beauty in its myriad forms. Capturing Carlene wasn't about highlighting a model with vitiligo; it was about encapsulating the essence of a woman who embodies courage, self-love, and resilience.


Every photograph is a step towards redefining beauty standards.  

Photography has the power to tell stories, and for me, the story is always about empowerment. As a photographer, I believe in capturing the raw, unfiltered essence of a person. 

Beauty isn’t about fitting a standard. It's about authenticity. It’s about cherishing our differences and showcasing them with pride. Every mark, every scar, every "imperfection" tells a story. It’s these stories that make us who we are.

For all the photographers reading this, I implore you to see beyond the superficial. Look for the authentic beauty in every individual and capture it. Every woman deserves to be posed in a manner that reflects her strength, her grace, her story.

Check out Carlenes Instagram here @topmodelnyc


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